Best free Antivirus Protection for your PC or Laptop

Free antivirus solutions that can use in your personal PC or laptop


In the past free antivirus lacked in critical security features and must pay to get a serious protection for your PC or Laptop.

Today has change a lot in the market and you can find a free Antivirus Protection that can covert the most critical security features that needs a user.

After two weeks that i spent to install/uninstall different Free Antivirus i decide to show you some of the best free antivirus solution that can use in your personal Laptops\PC.

Should you get a free Antivirus

Depends of what you want to protect. As a simple user yes you can get a free Antivirus that can protect your data and identity.

But if you have a company or as a Free launcher then the answer is no. You need something more from the free features because you have to do with more data to protect that will be customer data and a GDPR that should follow.

Find out some of the Best Free Antivirus Solutions in the market today. I would like to note that these free Antivirus Solutions it’s not sorted by better solution.

I publish some of the best free free antivirus that you can find in the Internet and use it.

Best Free Antivirus

#1 Windows Defender

Windows Defender it’s the built in Security solution of Windows.

It’s compatible with other Antivirus and can use it in 2 modes. As Active that use it as Primary antivirus solution and Passive that it’s not use it as the Primary antivirus solution.

Windows Defender offers a Virus & threat protection include Ransomware protection . In the Windows Defender included the Windows Firewall that all we know.

Has an App & Browser control that can protect the device from malicious or unwanted apps , files and websites.

Include Hardware Security with some added protection like Core Isolation that can protect against malware and other attacks by isolating computer processes from the operating system.

Device Performance Reports that can alert you in performance issues.

Also you can use a Parental Control with URL Filtering , Activity reports for the kid’s, configure how much time the kids can use the devices. To enable Parental Control you must have a Microsoft account.

It’s not the best solution but it’s good enough to protect you from the threads in the Internet.

Let’s see one by one the features

  • Real Time Protection
  • Account Protection
  • Firewall
  • App & Browser Control
  • Device Security
  • Device perfomance health
  • Parental Control

#2 BitDefender

Bitdefender included to the Test AV in the first 21 user security products. It is 6th . It gives a good Score in the 0-day malware attacks including the web and email threats.

Include an advance threat protection for thread in your PC and ransomware that can protect your data.

As free edition include a web filtering technology that can protect you from dangerous sites in the Internet. But also an anti phishing and anti fraud technology that can protect you in online shopping and e-banking.

Another one important feature that included in free edition is the Global Protective Network. This technology run the heavily scans in the cloud to keep stable the performance of your PC. Base on Bitdefender it’s not upload or store anything in the cloud and it’s not scan your content of your files

Following you can find all the features which included in Free version.

  • Real Time Data Protection
  • Advance Threats Defense and for ransomware
  • Web attack prevention
  • Antiphising and anti fraud
  • Bitdefender photon
  • Global Protective Network

#3 Avira

Avira comes 3rd in the list of TestAV for the user security products. It has good score for the scan engine but not in performance and specific when install frequently used applications.

The free edition has a scan engine that can protect you from any malware as ransomware, trojan, banker etc….

It’s base in AI to learn system protects against new threads. Has a technology to block Potential unwanted applications.

Include web filtering technology that can protect you from unwanted sites

It has an Ad Blocker which is very important because lot of viruses, malwares comes from Ads. Also include technology to block browsing tracking in the Internet.

Let’s do a recap for all the features that included in Avira Free Edition.

  • Antivirus Scanner
  • NightVision – AI learning system
  • Potential unwanted application Shield
  • Safe Browsing
  • Ad Blocker
  • Browser Tracking Blocker
  • Price Comparison (while shopping)

#4 Kaspersky Security Cloud

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free Versions gives you lot of features like VPN , Password Manager and Account Protection in Privacy Protection but are very limited.

The VPN has only 200MB to use as free account and after that must upgrade to the Pay Plans.

The Password Manager it’s limited to 15 passwords but as a users sometimes are enough to cover the most of your passwords.

In Privacy Protection it’s available only the Account protection for data leaks.

It’s not include Web Protection from dangerous websites or Anti phishing and Anti fraud compare it with the Avira.

Let’s see all the features in one place

  • Real time protection
  • VPN – Up to 200 MB
  • Password Manager – Up to 15 passwords
  • Privacy Protection – Account Protection only for 1 account

#5 Zone Alarm

Zone Alarm it’s not a Big Name and maybe you don’t know it but it offers an Antivirus Protection with Firewall.

It belongs to Checkpoint one of the biggest name in the Security.

The free version offers a Firewall with an Application control that can Block dangerous behaviors and unauthorize internet transmissions from Application.

If you are a Power User you can configure your Firewall as you want . Also can keep logs for all the traffic in your PC.

If you are a simple user you can leave it as it and do the job that knows.

it offers an Antivirus Protection that include a Real Time Protection, Scan Engine that can be schedule.

Except from these it offers and Identity Protection that will alerts you if your identity information will be sent from your PC to unauthorized destination.

Unfortunately in free edition it’s not cover a Web and Anti phishing Protection.

Let’s do a recap of the features

  • Antivirus and Antispyware
  • Advance Firewall
  • Two way Firewall
  • Identity Protection
  • Game Mode

#6 AVG

AVG bought by Avast but keeps the brand name and nothing change in the User Interface..

The free edition of AVG comes with a basic features compare it with the other Antivirus.

Include the protection of spywares , malwares ,ransomware and any other threads. You can protect from unsafe links and unwanted downloads.

It can Scan your PC for performance issue but to resolve it you must purchase the Paid plan.

The SmartScan which scan your PC for any thread is very quick without reduce your performance from personal experience.

Also include a Mobile protection but included Ads in the free version.

I don’t have to say lot of words because of limited features that offers. I have use it in the past in my personal Laptop without create performance issues or any other problem.

Let’s do the recap

  • Stop viruses, spyware, ransomware, & other malware
  • Block unsafe links, downloads, & email attachments
  • Scan for PC performance problems
  • Get real time-security updates

How do you know which antivirus is best for you

Depends of what you want to protect. You can’t find the right question. Most of the Antivirus solution offers the same features with small changes.

Base on what you want to protect you can deal with the most appropriate antivirus solution for you.


In the Internet you will find a lot of Free antivirus Solutions that can cover your requirements as a simple user. Which is the best solution depends from you and what are your requirements , what you want to protect.

Don’t stay only in what you offer. Take action and start to downloads and install the most appropriate for you. If you don’t cover your requirements? Uninstall and go to the next

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