Onlinesecurityworld.com was created to help people to understand the risks in the Internet and give solutions to protect online privacy and his data from bad guys.

Hi, I’m Kostas

I am the founder of the Onlinesecurityworld.com . I have over 20 years experience in IT industry working with Windows and Linux.

As IT from the first years i realize that the most important task is how to secure the online privacy and which technology to use to protect the data of the company that i worked.

Today security and online privacy it’s really matter not only for the companies but for the users in the digital world.

For a long time i concerned for my online privacy and any private data that publish in the Internet. One day i receive a telephone from my Bank that my Credit Card has strange activity and it’s blocked. Then i remember that 2 weeks ago i try to buy from a very known e-shop with the specific card.

Then i realize that only by yourself can protect your privacy and it doesn’t matter if give your Private data in well known e-shops that are more secure. You must be very careful with your steps in the Internet and has the knowledge to understand when you must avoid a site or any activity.

My mission is to give you the content that can help you to protect your privacy in the Internet without need to be expert in the technology.

I hope to do this Site a knowledge library for all the users that wants to keep secure the online privacy and find out the help that wants.