Best VPN for Chrome in 2022

You can find hundreds of VPN applications in the market, but how can select your VPN? What are the criteria to select a VPN?


Most of the day we use the Internet for work, social media, search, watch a movie, listen to music, and more. Based on research from Backlinko at 2021 Web Browser Market Share In 2022: 85+ Browser Usage Statistics Chrome has the 65.27% of the market.

Today It’s crucial to secure and protect our Privacy in the Internet. The best solution is to use a VPN from a company with a good reputation.

You can find hundreds of VPN applications in the market, but how can choose a good VPN that will provide you a real privacy and security ? What are the criteria to select a VPN ? What are the details that you must keep in mind before buying a VPN ?

I did a research and i put down few of the best VPN for Chrome. I will describe one by one some of the best feature per VPN Provider and which are the limitations in the Chrome Extension.

First I created a comparison table of the Chrome VPN Extension features by VPN Provider.

Let’s take a look!

What you get Express VPNSurfsharkCyberGhost VPN
WebRTC BlockingYes Yes  Yes
Hide IP AddressYes Yes   Yes
HTTPS EverywhereYesNo No 
VPN proxy servers 94 65
Minimum Monthly Cost 6.67€2.26€ Free 
Device LimitUnlimitedUnlimited(No Sign up)
VPN Bypass for Websites NoYes   No 
SupportYes Yes   No
BandwidthUnlimited  UnlimitedUnlimited 
Block Ads No Yes Yes 
Block TrackingYes  Yes Yes 
Blog trackingYes  Yes Yes 
Chrome Web Store Rating 4.7 3.04.2 

What to look for in the best Chrome VPN

You can use many VPN Chrome extensions, but how can be sure that has all the features that needs to have a good VPN?

You can count on a list below when you are in progress to select a VPN Chrome extension.

Security : Adding a VPN extension in the Chrome should quarantine that can keep the privacy and the security in the Internet. Strong encryption and audit no logs policy are the most important features.

Features: You must be sure that the Chrome Extension has the most important features of the VPN. Most of the VPN Chrome extensions has limitations. It is OK when are missing features that it’s not so important to sacrifice the privacy and the security. Important features that makes a good VPN Chrome extensions is the encryption, block ads/tracking, WebRTC Blocking and more.

A detail List of the Chrome VPNs

I have selected 3 VPN applications but the list will grow in the future. Let’s start exploring it !!

Express VPN

Express VPN it’s one of the most popular VPN today. With the options to select from 160 location in 90 countries it has a Global Presence.

With so many server it has achieved the faster connection speed from any other VPN. It’s a very important and big advantage to has so many servers because this improve the speed of the connection. The closer location to be a server a faster connection you will have.

Although It has very good encryption with AES 256, encrypting all the Internet traffic. It is the same encryption that uses the US military. With this encryption you don’t need to worry about your security and privacy in the Internet.

With these 2 features it has achieved to be the most secure and faster VPN today.

It has a very good support that can help you to resolve your problem and will give you advices without need to wait.

Another one good feature is the HTTPS everywhere which you will redirect to the most secure version of the site that you visit, either if the ExpressVPN isn’t connected.

However , you must install the full version of the ExpressVPN to use the Chrome extension. This can do someone to think about it but it worths.

In order to use the ExpressVPN must sign up and pay monthly. The prices are various with the minimum to start from 6.67€ / month which is not cheap.

It offers a 30 day money back quarantine that it allows you to try it first ,explore the features of the VPN. If it doesn’t fill your requirements you can cancel it within 30 days and your money will be refunded.


Surfshark definitely it’s one of the VPN that it worth to discuss. With the strong encryption AES-256 GCM can give you the security and privacy that wants.

One of my favorite feature of the Surfshark is the unlimited devices per subscription. Once you have subscribe in any of the packages you can use it in any device.

Provides 3200 servers in 65 countries which is a good number of Servers worldwide. That give us a good possibilities for fast connection.

Moreover, you have the option of Whitelisted that you can include websites which will bypass the VPN.

And the CleanWeb option will protect you from malware , Block Ads and trackers to protect your Privacy.

In addition, 30 day money quarantine can refund your money if you cancel it before the first 30 days.

Chrome Extension has a few limitation compare it with the Desktop Application. The Kill Switch option , the ability to select the Protocol that you want , the Rotating IP and a few more features are missing from the Chrome Extension.

In order to use the Surfshark you must sign up and pay monthly. The prices are various with the minimum to start from 2.29€ / month which make it the cheaper VPN Provider.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost it’s one of the good VPN that it’s not sacrifice quality and the security.

It has a very good encryption with AES-256 encrypting the Internet traffic. This is the highest encryption available on the market right now. For the context NSA in Information Assurance Capabilities recommends the AES-256 encryption.

The Chrome extension is free but CyberGhost has a good reputation with a very good comments for the Chrome extension. Why will not use it?

One of the advantage in the Chrome extension is that you can install it without need to sign up for an account. Just with one click — the install button of the extension in the Web Store and it’s ready.

Because you don’t need to sign up you can use it in the unlimited devices but only in the Chrome.

For users that they need a very quick VPN solution is the best option.

The VPN Chrome Extension has some limitation compare it with the Desktop Application.

You can use only 8 Servers in 4 Countries instead of 90 Countries when use the Desktop Application. You don’t have support and some other features like Kill Switch.

However, the Chrome Extension doesn’t allow you to change settings.

Let’s see the comparison table between Chrome Extension and Full Version.

What you get Chrome ExtensionFull Version
Anonymous browsingYesYes
Block online trackingYesYes
Hidden IPYesYes
Access to geo-restricted websitesYesYes
Blocked malicious contentYesYes
Secure Wi-Fi connectionsOnly in the browserAll around
Access Flash content securelyNoYes
WebRTC leak protectionYesYes
24/7 live chat supportNoYes
Streaming & downloading sever filterNoYes
Multiple protocol supportNoYes
Access to 7700+ servers in 91+ countriesAccess to only 8 servers in 4 countriesYes
Smart rulesNoYes
Device limitAvailable just for Firefox & ChromeYes


Finally which is the best VPN for the Chrome? Depends of what is your requirements. For users that they want a very quick solution without need to pay then the CyberGhost is the best VPN for the Chrome extension.

If the first requirement is the torrenting then a Surfshark will be the recommendation.

Last, Are you care about the speed of the Internet connection? ExpressVPN will be most suitable solution here.

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