How to speed up Windows 10

Find out simple tips that can help you to speed up your Windows 10 and keep it healthy.

Your Pc or Laptop is very slow and you can’t use it. Every time that you want to open a program, it takes 2-3 minutes. But you have it purchased 3 months ago.

What happened? Suppose that is a new PC/Laptop. Most of us we have faced this kind of problem and it’s very frustrating.

What you can do? Today I will give some tips to speed up your Windows 10 and improve the performance of your PC/Laptop .

Take your time and start to maintain your PC/Laptop

I read in log of blogs to disable Visual effects and transparency. You don’t need to do this, except if your Laptop it’s so old and it’s really need more resources to keep performance.

Disable programs at start up

Users used to install many applications, but most of the applications add to auto lunch when the Windows startup.

This can cause performance problem of the PC. To avoid the performance issue you can disable most of the applications to run at start up.

This can give significant improvement of the PC/Laptop when you have installed lot of applications.

How can do this?

  • Right click in the taskbar and select Task Manager.
  • Click on Tab Start Up.
  • Select the application that you don’t needed at start up. Just think which application needs when the Windows startup.
  • Right click and Disable.

Keep the Windows up to date

Many users they don’t trust the Windows update. They believe that are the source of many problems. This is wrong.

Microsoft has published Windows Updates that cause problems, but this does not happen every day.

I know that might be annoying and sometimes waste of time. You are working in a task that must be completed and suddenly your PC it’s very slow. These are the Windows Updates that started during the working hours.

But believe me Windows Updates can resolve lot of small problems, and improve stability, performance and security.

Schedule the Windows Updates between hours that you are not using the Laptop/Workstation to avoid performance issues during the working hours.

FInd out how can schedule the Windows Updates.

  • Click Start and type Windows Updates Settings.
  • Select the Windows Updates Settings.
  • Click Change active hours.

  • Click Change
  • Configure your working hours.
  • Now Windows Updates will never start again during the working hours.

Keep the drivers up to date

Update drivers of the devices it’s very good practice to speed up your Laptop/Workstation and resolve various issues.

Some of the devices that should keep up to date are:

  • Network Card
  • Wifi Card
  • Graphic Card
  • Cameras
  • Disk Drives
  • Sound

A critical devices that must keep up to date any time is the Network and Wi-Fi cards .The reason is that almost all the day we use Wi-Fi or the network card to connect in a network.

But how to find the right drivers foryour device?

  • Find out the model of your Laptop/Workstation.
  • Open the vendor page and go in the support that probably you will find a section to download the drivers.
  • Right click in the Device Manager, and select the Device Manager.
  • For example expand the Network adapters.
  • Find out the network card and double click to open it.
  • Click on the tab Drivers, and check the Driver version.
  • Compare it with the version that you want to download from the site. If it’s older then start to download.
  • After you have downloaded successfully the driver, start the installation.
  • Depends on the driver might be needed to restart the pc

Clean up your disk

Keep an eye in the free space of your Hard disk. If your Hard disk hasn’t enough free space then will be slower.

When your hard disk is slow, everything on your pc will be slow and your Laptop/PC might be hang on.

Any application in your PC keeps temporary files. All these temporary files can cause problems when are stored in the latop/pc long time.

Try to schedule once in 2 or 3 months to clean up your disk with the Windows application or any other 3rd part application that maybe have in your PC.

If you would like to use the Windows application follow the steps.

  • Click start and type disk cleanup.
  • Click on Disk Clean up application.
  • Make sure that the Temporary Internet files and the Temporary files are checked.
  • Select anything else that you would like to delete.
  • Click Ok and wait until finish.

Uninstall unnecessary applications

You would like to test different applications and decide which is suitable for you. But you will forget to uninstall the applications that you don’t use.

After few months you have thousands of applications installed in your Laptop/PC.

It’s very normal, with but so many applications the performance of your PC/Laptop will not the same as before.

Open the Control Panel — Programs and Features and find out and uninstall the applications that never use.

It’s a good practice to do it once in 6 months in order to keep the good performance in your Laptop/PC.

Replace the HDD with SSD

If the Latop/Workstation is old or buy it with HDD then think about to replace the HDD with SSD. You will understand the difference.

Don’t forget to take a backup before sending it for the HDD replacement.

Format your PC

If anything of the above will not improve the performance then it’s time to do a Format of your Laptop/PC.

Remember to do or clarify to your technician a clean installation of the Windows. Don’t proceed with the Windows installation that retains your settings and preferences while upgrading your operating system.

After the format you need to install all your applications that was used but it’s sure that the performance will improve a lot.


Pc and Laptops need a maintenance to keep it healthy. Depends of how you are using your Laptop/Workstation you will understand the frequency for the maintenance.

The above tips are general recommendations that can use and understand which of these tips must use after a few times. You don’t need to use it all of them.

But your PC/Laptop without maintenance will be slower and slower and the format will be necessary.

Be proactive and keep healthy your Laptop/PC spending a few minutes for the maintenance.

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