Secure Browsers for Android Devices

Understand where must pay more attention and find out some of the secure browsers.

Every day you visit web sites to read news , watch trainings , search , listen music ,shopping and lot of other activities.
Unfortunately the web browsers can share lot of your personal information with different techniques.
You can read about these techniques in one of my previous article that i wrote What is Browser Fingerprint and how can prevented

Users should be take care and protect the digital privacy. Might be difficult to keep an eye in your digital privacy and more difficult for simple users without knowledge of the technology.

If you are not using the right Web Browser then you can potential share your personal data without your approval. Unless if you want to be shared in the Internet.

In addition to well-the known web browsers , you can find Secure Browsers in the Internet that can protect your digital privacy.

That’s why I took the opportunity to spend few days playing with different secure browsers for Android devices.
Let’s explain what does Secure Browser means and where you must pay more attention when deciding for the Secure Browser that you would like to use.

What does Secure Browser means

Obvious secure browser means that it doesn’t share your personal data. But the Web Browser to be achieved this must has the following features enable by default. Or you can give you the ability to change these features.

Most privacy focus Web Browsers has the following features:

  • Block Trackers by default.
  • Block Ad Blockers by default or give you the control to customize it.
  • Warning you when a website it tries to do something on your PC or Web Browser without your approval. For example when you visit a web site and it tries to install a script without your permission.

Let’s continue and read some of the secure browsers for the Android devices.

# Brave

Brave is one of the most secure browsers for 2022.

It’s a privacy focus browser and features like ad blocker, blocking 3rd party cookies, blocking script enable fingerprint protection, https connections are enable by default.

With all these features enable by default brave take a performance advantage. Include a secure built in password manager that you can use without thinking about security.

Furthermore is much faster from other browsers because has enable ad blocker and blocking browser fingerprint by default. The sync feature between devices works well and you can use it to take the data in every device.

If you take serious privacy the Brave can give what you need Firefox.

# Firefox

Firefox is a browser that always cares about privacy. Enhance tracking protection that can block trackers around the world is enable by default , and you have the option customize it.

You can enable Private mode with only one click, and you don’t need to go from settings. This is very useful for the simple users to improve data privacy.

Private mode it’s not give anonymities in the web but protect your data while delete your history when you close your browser.
Firefox can take lot of advantages for the privacy with the add-ins that can download.

# DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is trustworthy name In the Internet.

The browser for the android comes with a lot of features that few of them are enable by default.

Duckduckgo search comes built in to search in the web without beign tracked.

The technology GPC it’s a e mechanism to tell in the websites that visited to not sell you personal information under the law of GDPR ,CCPA and it’s enable by default.

Smart encryption forces the website to use HTTPS and it’s also enabled by default. You can clear all your data from the Browser with only one click instead to search how can do it from the settings

Escape website tracking its track radar that stop hidden trackers in the websites that you will visit.

However features like Protect Your Privacy in Other Apps and Block email trackers it’s not enabling by default. You should enable it .

# Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a free open source browser, released at 6 April 2016 and mobile Android version at 6 September 20189

The mobile version has a flexible UI . You can browse with dark/light mode and manage very easy

The tabs.

In Privacy you can find an Ad-blocker to block the ads. However you can select from different categories which can disable the trackers too.

Consider that the  Webrtc maybe leak IP Addresses to services  the Vivaldi Browser has an  option to disable/enable the  Broadcast IP for best WebRTC  whenever you want.

Vivaldi It’s not tracking your profile like other Browsers which is very important feature. Also you have the option to sync secure your data in different devices. The only that you need is to I buy his milk.

It’s not one of the best browsers but it seems that they have taken very serious the privacy.

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