Online Virus Scanners you can trust in 2021

A guide to drive you in a safe Online Virus Scanner whenever you need it.


While an Antivirus can’t be replaced with an Online Virus Scanner because it scans continuously and when you are offline sometimes for a quick results or something suspicious you can use an Online Virus Scanner.

Today most of the Antivirus Companies has an Online Virus Scanner that can use.

Some of the online virus scanner will good other more heavy. Your decisions is yours

Obvious It’s not required to use , it’s optional.

Is Online Virus Scanner Safe?

This is one of the most common question that can see everywhere when discussing for the Online Virus Scanner.

Yes it is safe when you use Online Virus Scanner from a company with good reputation.

Obvious it will not be safe if you will find in the Internet an Online Virus Scanner from a company that you don’t know and you will use it.

Online Virus Scanner

ESET Online Virus Scanner

The ESET Online Virus Scanner It’s a small application that you must be install in your PC to use it.

You have the option to use different Scan types between Full, Quick and Custom.

You can schedule your scan whenever you want. It has the ability to remove malware,virus and other threads if it founds in the scan or to quarantine.

The detection of Potential Unwanted Application it’s an option that i didn’t found it in any other Online Virus scanner.

The Quick scan it takes 15-20 minutes without use lot of resources in the PC.

Let’s take a look in the Features.

  • Must be download
  • Periodic Scan Settings to schedule whenever you want
  • Scan type between Full, Quick and Custom
  • Detection of Potential Unwanted Application
  • Quarantine exist
  • Remove or quarantine malware and threads

F-Secure Online Virus Scanner

You must download the app but it’s not need any installation. You can run only the exe file to start.

While scanning It’s take lot of resources and was difficult to use it your PC.

You can’t find any additional feature. It’s run only the scan and will remove any viruses, malware ,spyware or any other thread if found it.

The scan it takes only 5-10 minutes to finish. Not so bad

Unfortunately it’s only available for Windows. If you use other OS then it’s not for you.

Let’s take a look in the Features

  • Download required
  • It’s not need an installation in your PC.
  • It finds and removes viruses, malware and spyware on your Windows PC
  • It’s compatible with other Antivirus Software installed when run it.

Trend Micro Online Virus Scanner/HouseCall

Another one big company with a good name that offer an Online Virus Scanner.

As the F-Secure it’s not required any installation. You can run the exe file to start and use it.

F-Secure offer a few options in the Online Virus Scanner.

You can schedule your Scans whenever you want.

It has the feature Home Network that can find vulnerable devices in the Home Network. It’s a different feature that i didn’t found it in other competitor. But you can use it only in your Home Network. Unless you will get lot of notifications from other devices with antivirus for port scanning.

It offers the option for different Scan types between Full, Quick or Custom

It takes almost 30 minutes to finish the Scan without include the option Home Network. It’s a little heavy while scanning compare it with the other Online Virus Scanner but can still use your PC the time of scanning.

Let’s take a look with few words all the features

  • Download Required
  • It’s not need an installation in your PC.
  • Option to schedule online virus scanner
  • Scan type between Full, Quick and Custom
  • Enhance Detect and Cleanup sophisticated threads even rootkits
  • Include an option that call it Home network. It can finds vulnerable device in the Home network. You can use it only in Home

Bitdefender Home Scanner

The BItDefender Home Scanner is a light application that should download and install in your PC.

Has very basic functionalities but as an idea it’s very clever.

The scan it will not take more than 2-3 minutes to discovery and scan all the devices in your Wi-Fi Home Network. However the time depends of how many Wi-Fi network devices it’s connected in your Home Network.

You have the option to enable the Automatic Discovery Device to identify any vulnerability in any new device that connected in your Wi-Fi Network.

The Bitdefender Home Scanner detect insecure authentication, weak login credentials and hidden backdoors.

Unfortunately while i change my password to 1111 in my Laptop and Scan the Device it’s not detect any Vulnerability.

Let’s recap the Feature that give us

  • Scan Wifi Home Network for any Wireless Device connected.
  • Automatic Discovery Device
  • Detect vulnerabilities without remove it but give recommendations.

VirtusTotal Online Scanner

ViruTotal it’s a online scanner for files , IP and URL’s for suspected malwares.

It’s a very simple just to upload the suspicious files that you have to analyze and get the results.

You get very quickly the results with a lot of details.

Unfortunately you must upload one by one the file that it’s annoying and you will not get any recommendation just a detail notification of the file is dangerous or not.

It’s only for Security Analyst or IT Pro that wants to go deep into. But not for Home users because they can’t understand this type of technical information.

However you can check and websites or specific IP Address that can be more useful for a normal User.

Let’s do a recap of the features

  • No download required
  • Performs very quickly
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Different Scanning options like URL and IP Address

Panda Cloud Cleaner

Panda Cloud Cleaner it’s a light application that must be install in your PC.

It’s very basic without any feature. The only task that you can do is to Scan your PC or Kill any Process.

It takes lot of time 35-45 minutes until finish the Scan without know if the Scan is Full or Quick. It’s not so heavy while scanning and give you the ability to work at the same time.

Unfortunately the results aren’t so accurate and before remove anything after get the summary results first must be check very carefully to avoid accidental removal of legitimate applications.

The only feature that give you is to Kill any Process or Unlock Files from your Pc through Panda Cloud Cleaner.

Let’s recap what Panda Cloud Cleaner can give us.

  • Download required and need installation
  • Option to Kill processes or Unlock Files


Online Virus Scanner it’s more a quick action to identify something suspicious that has identify but you aren’t sure.

Definitely can’t replace an Antivirus Solution for your Devices.

However i found that few of the Antivirus companies has go one step further and create something more than an online virus scanner that can be very useful for a Home user today.

It’s not required, Will not give you more security but sometimes when we are try new applications maybe found useful features that they don’t have think about it.

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